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Aldnoah.Zero  Season one  Episode titles

Source: [x]

Artist: LSunl爾朵

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30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 13 - Favorite Shounen  |  B A C C A N O

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【イラリク】箱庭 | いおち

【イラリク】箱庭 | いおち


Final Fantasy Tactics: The Avengers by たかい

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updownclockwise asked, "Perhaps Nino for the 2nd Lucina palette?"


Someone else suggested that.  It’s the arms that disallow one.  Her armor is decidedly white.  Nino has no white in her model; she’s green-haired, purple-cloaked, with (I believe) blue shoes.

The two accepted possibilities at the moment are Nowi (Awakening) and Cecilia (Binding Blade).  I’m okay with either, there are a few people trying to push the idea that all of Lucina’s costumes are Awakening-based but I’m pretty sure the Mist palette disproves that (there are definitely Cherche, Tiki, and Tharja, though).

Pretty sure Nino does have white in her outfit: sleeves + skirt.The sleeves definitely match, but the skirt I’m not too sure about.


Aldnoah.Zero - Ending

↳     SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki - aLIEz

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あんなに一緒だったのに by razavi


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bakudancoco asked, "(you said message you so I will message you) HELLO THERE I was Olivia at Kumoricon c: the gathering was a lot of fun; I don't think I've ever died in a photo before!"




(are you going to sakura con?)

I’ll add you to the list of credits =D

so were you!!  aaaaaahhhh

I am going to SakuraCon, yes, but not as Olivia!  (I’ll be Robin and Grima instead, Fire Emblem-wise  8) )

and thank you!!


fyi there’s probably going to be a large Tellius contingent (I may be going as Sanaki). But I could probably bring my Morgan cosplay if it’s not too hot out during the con.

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